Love is meant to make the world go round, but the 16 people on this list just had their worlds stop because they experienced the worst Tinder dates ever. The dating platform is supposed to make finding a match easier, but in some instances, it also makes meeting weird people a bit more convenient. Read on to learn more about their experience and hopefully avoid the same when finding your soul mate.

Move on first before dating anyone

A woman shared that her date was apparently still living with his ex-wife but was already going out with her. He also revealed that he needed a lawyer as he would go to court for assaulting a police officer. Was there a second date? Of course, none.

What’s in the backpack?

One Tinder user shared having had a date with someone who carries a rather large backpack. When pressed to reveal what was inside the bag, his date took out what appeared to be a hundred creepy-looking stuffed monkey animals—not the toy kind at that! Needless to say, there was no second date.

Never insult a film major

A film major narrated that she dated a guy who talked a lot during a movie. She said that film was her major in college, but her date said that film degrees were trash. He also tried getting all touchy, which was a huge turn-off. After the movie, he even dared to ask for a ride home, which did not happen.

Mr. Grey Wannabe

A lovely gal said that she went on a movie date to see 50 Shades of Grey. Her date then proposed doing what they saw on the big screen. It was not her thing.


Someone dated a catfish, who obviously did not look like the one in the picture at all. On the good side, the guy offered gas money—which she did not take.

No to crack, please

One person shared that her date brought weed, which was illegal in their state. Just don’t.

Aren’t you rushing things?

First dates are meant to get to know each other, not plan for weddings, and get the family involved. This Tinder user shared that her date kept cutting her off and complimenting her on her looks during her first date. He also said he planned to introduce her to his family and perhaps look for a house on mortgage and start living together. She never met with him again.

Get a hint!

If your date is no longer replying to text messages, it means they are no longer interested, hence no more time investments. One match apparently did not get the hint and continued texting the other person, who said she got irritated and shunned Tinder altogether.

Party crasher

A man met a girl at a bar who later invited him to crash a bachelorette party. She got drunk and had to crash his place next because he did not know where she lived. When she asked for a second date, NO was the answer.

The Walkout Guy

If you are not prepared to enter a relationship or are having any degree of doubt, then don’t even attempt. It could leave the other person hanging, quite literally, as in the case of this Tinder user whose date just up and left in the middle of the movie. She later found out that he was not ready yet and just left town.

I see dead people

Seeing ghosts is a warning sign, so when her date said he could see dead people, she ghosted him.

Who foots the bill?

Usually, on the first date, it is the man who pays the bill. Splitting it is no problem, so long as it is fair. This was not the case with one woman who shared that her date ordered a coffee and six appetizers as opposed to her latte. When the check came, he said they would split it, which she objected to as she did not eat any of the man’s food.

Be sensitive

We all have insecurities, so it is usually bad manners to point out flaws in someone that they are already aware of. So when his date gave an unwanted opinion about his beer belly, this Tinder user booted her out of the car, floored the gas, and went on to buy ice cream.

A flirt–avoid

A woman was going to meet her date but saw him flirting with the waitress. Out of courtesy, she went ahead with the first date, but no more second date.

Eccentric, but not the worst

We all have our quirks, and this date liked dressing up as Superman. He also shared that his goal was to have a relationship that was a degree similar to that of Leo and Kate on Titanic. Not really the worst, but it is kind of weird.

No stalking, please!

Another Tinder user shared that her date admitted to stalking her on social media and went on a date with her friend the week before. During their date, he talked about the date with her friend and how it was so good. It looked like he was ghosted by the other date, though, and was blocked on social media, probably due to him stalking the other person, too.