From centuries-old murals to beautiful paintings, humans thought they have seen it all. But then, there’s this one guy who decided to take it a step further. Well, if only Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were alive, they’d be surprised as to how this guy chooses to create his art.
As we all know, there are many techniques and tools for making art. Some use paint, pencils, oils, but some are making art on the flooring with birds. Wait, what? If you are a bit confused about it, well, the thing is you’ve read it correctly. This guy only had to bring his imagination and food for the birds.
While the video has gone viral on many social media platforms, we still do not know who exactly is behind this unique art.
To find out more about this innovative drawing in action, scroll down below:

1. The mystery guy

The GIF format has circulated on many social media platforms, but it received the most interaction on Imgur and Reddit. Posted on the subreddit name r/next[effing]level, the video has garnered over 66k likes. The footage we’re talking about shows a man laying bird food on the ground. A few minutes into the footage, you realize the strategic placement of the food is to get one result: a stick figure doing a “Hadouken.”
As much as we don’t know who this creative guy is, we have to give him credit for entertaining us with his impressive art.

2. Is that a turkey?

As we’ve said earlier, the footage garnered the most attention from Reddit. During the discussion, one Reddit user asked, “Is that a turkey?” Many people asked the same question too. Apparently, if you look close enough, there really is a turkey on the flooring that stands out easily in the whole assembly of birds.

3. The people have spoken

As much as we’re amazed by the mystery guy’s quirky piece of art, many people were also praising him for his “sick skills” and “brilliant effort.” Many just wrote “Hadouken! Hadouken!” excitedly. If you don’t have a clue what that is, it’s a pop culture reference from the hit game series called Street Fighter.
Of course, the Internet people have a lot to say about the street artist and his masterpiece. One subscriber said, referring to the birds, “I like how they would get scared and scatter, then come back to the right place.” Another comment read, “What’s with the one random turkey?” Lastly, a Reddit user said, “Okay, this concept never reached my mind before, and now it’s changed everything.”

It’s been a long time since the mystery artist did this, and the Internet is looking forward to his next art investments.

4. Fun facts about birds

Since we’re talking about birds here, allow us to share with you some interesting facts. Did you know there are 10,000 various species of bird? Yes, they range in sizes and are lots of different colors too! This next piece of knowledge may be a no-brainer, but all birds have feathers, which are helpful for many reasons. For one, it helps them keep warm to a huge degree. Another example is that they use feathers to show off as well, such as a peacock, which shows its feathers to attract a mate.
Last but not least, birds migrate to other countries. They fly elsewhere depending on the season. Some birds prefer a specific type of weather, so they travel to other places or countries. If their food supply is also running low, they find it somewhere else. Studies show that nearly 4,000 birds migrate each season.

There you have it, folks! We hope this article entertained you and helped gas up your day!