So, what’s happily ever after like? Well, there’s no need for you to wait in vain for possible film sequels. Just check out the work of Russian artist Oksana Paschenko, which gives us a glimpse into the kind of life some of our favorite Disney Princesses might have had as mothers. The degree of creativity she puts into each art piece is certainly amazing!

Paschenko Got Inspired to Draw During Her Two-Year Maternity Leave

The artist drew inspiration from her own experiences when it came to creating her “Disney Moms” series. She had always been in love with fairytales and even had an Alice in Wonderland theme for her wedding! So when she was stuck at home during her pregnancy, Paschenko began wondering about what happens after the end of a fairy tale. The storybooks never told us, so she decided to continue the stories herself.

She Also Envisioned What Disney Princesses’ Children Might Look Like

We’ve seen some of these princesses grow up on screen, but can you imagine getting to see what their kids might look like as well? With credit to Paschenko, we are given some idea about how adorable these royal tots might be. Just check out this sweet drawing of Tiana and her daughter! It makes one hope for a sequel dedicated to just their family, right?
If you’re a big fan of Mulan, you’d be elated to know that she has done both pregnancy and baby photos for the film’s titular couple! We hate to spoil it for you, but their child is as cute as you might expect. Will he become as brave as his parents? We would have to wait for an update!

What Does it Take to Make One Drawing?

You can take online classes to learn how to draw well, but to really capture the essence of Disney’s beloved Princesses will be quite the monumental task. This is something the artist greatly excels at. She is able to capture not just their likeness, but also their personalities. One of our favorites are her drawings of Jasmine and Aladdin, because she is able to duplicate their fun dynamic even in 2D!
How does she do it? Aside from being a big fan of the characters and having a good familiarity with their appearance, Paschenko also admits that a drawing can take anywhere from several hours to several days! It certainly is a labor of love and an investment in itself. No wonder the results are all so beautiful.
As for how she designs the kids, Paschenko says that she references the facial features of both parents and her own imagination.

Modern Disney Princesses and Reimagined Disney Villains

Another fun thing about Paschenko’s work is that the fashion she gives the princesses isn’t limited by the time period they are set in. She has drawings of Snow White in a gorgeous modern maternity look, Aurora’s daughter in a Maleficent costume, and Ariel in a very sophisticated evening gown.
It isn’t just the princesses that are getting love from her either. The artist also gets credit for having drawn some of Disney’s famous villains in wedding scenes! Our top pick is this photo of Cruella Deville flanked by Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and the Evil Queen from Snow White. In Paschenko’s fantasy world, everybody deserves a happy ending.

Does She Have Any Favorite Drawings?

According to the artist, she doesn’t play favorites when it comes to her drawings. She loves each one equally as they represent “the quivering and boundless love of each heroine for her child”. Since she is a mother, too, we can certainly see why she feels such a strong attachment to each of her work. We would gladly take out a loan to purchase one of her masterpieces!