As we’ve seen in cartoons, cats and dogs often get into fights. In reality, however, they work as a team in taking care of this adorable little girl. Recently, a video has gone viral, and it features a little girl snuggling up to her two furry friends, Dabao the Golden Retriever and Motor the cat.
The footage was uploaded to Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) by account name 727R17, the little girl’s mother, who currently has more than 3 million followers. She has been documenting the adorable trio’s daily life since 2018. The family, along with their furry friends, lives in China’s Heilongjiang province.
Want to gas up your day? Read below to know more of this delightful story:

1. Meet Dabao and Motor

The girl named their pet golden retriever “Dabao” and their cat “Motor.” As seen on her mom’s Douyin profile, she has maintained a close-knit relationship with her two furry friends to the degree that they play dress-up. For instance, the girl pretends to be a doctor and examines her pets while they’re all wearing medical costumes. In another video, Dabao wears a glittery blue tutu skirt while the little girl combs his hair. Motor, who wears a pink headband on his body, sits beside Dabao as he waits for his turn.

2. Cuddle buddies

Of course, in between their playtime, there’s a lot of cuddling going on among the trio. The viewers gush over how adorable they look together, it’s as if they understand one another on a deeper level. One of the subscribers commented that she also relates with them as she used to cuddle with her pets when she was young. Another called them “three little angels.” One of the comments read, “The little girl is from a loving and caring family, and she will grow up to be loving and caring also.” We agree with the latter’s sentiments. If all parents genuinely show care and compassion during the child’s early age, it’s highly likely they will grow up as loving people. By then, their investments in their child’s upbringing and education will have paid off.

3. Time for a nap

In the viral footage, the three-year-old girl is caught hugging and petting Motor while being spooned by Dabao. It looks like they are all getting ready for an afternoon nap on their mini-bed on the flooring. We’ve also seen other photos of kids and their pets having a siesta, but this one is undeniably one of the most endearing snapshots we’ve ever seen!

4. Animal babysitters

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the little girl’s mom has documented the trio on social media since 2018. In her Douyin account with over 3 million followers, she shared heart-warming clips of the trio as they cuddled and played with each other. Much to our surprise, the mom shared that ever since she gave birth to her little girl, Motor stopped scratching the walls, and Dabao stopped destroying their furniture. It’s as if dogs and cats understand how it is to be responsible babysitters! Could you imagine how they can provide home security for the three-year-old kid?

5. Best of friends

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend, but in our opinion, cats are man’s second-best friend. Thanks to this family from China, we’ve learned a thing or two about how animals and humans can have an instant connection. Our pets have proved time and time again how they can provide unconditional love for us. Our canine and feline friends sometimes risk their lives to save ours. They provide companionship and offer much-needed love and laughter at just the right moments. To the mom’s and little girl’s credit, we learned so many things from their videos, such as appreciating our furry friends more!