In 2020, Reddit user “WoOoOoOoShHhHh” polled fellow Redditors and asked them to share industry secrets in their respective field. Comments shared ranged from the most absurd to the most shocking. You will be surprised at the degree of effort done by various companies so that these practices, tips or information do not get out to the public, but here they are!

RV is only good for a number of uses

Many plan to retire and spend their investments on an RV and perhaps travel around the country for the rest of their lives. An RV technician, however, says that these vehicles are designed for only about 44 uses and then starts breaking down after. This information is kind of dodgy, though, because there are many good RVs out there that are well-maintained and have been used more than 44 times.

Cleaning means saving money

A cooling and heating expert provided tips on how to save money and electricity, too. He says that changing the furnace filters and cleaning the AC coils outside does the trick and allows you to save up to 30%. Be careful when cleaning, though and follow the proper procedures.

Toothpaste of any brand is all the same

Yes, you read that right. Dentists explained that so long as the toothpaste brand has fluoride, it is good to clean your teeth. The only exception to this rule is if your teeth are a bit sensitive, then make sure it has the active ingredient KNO3. Otherwise, whether it is the $2 or the $20 per tube brand, it really does not make a difference.

Pets on a Plane

So you want to travel with a pet–that is good. However, one airline fueler advises against checking them in using kennels because fur babies are subjected to harsh conditions. Also, they might inhale the gas fumes while the fuelers are loading the plane’s juice–so find other means.

Slot machine a no go

It is as straightforward as it is. Do not even play the slots.

Donating helps other people…get allergies!

One employee shockingly tells us that when people donate their stuff, the staff rarely cleans them before they are given to others who need them. So while the intention is good here, the one who receives the free item might get a rash or, even worse, a skin infection. Also, another employee says that some of the donations end up in the trash because they are too ugly.

Buy cheap but beautiful stones

A jeweler shared that many gemstones are actually affordable. Topaz, opal and Tanzanites are the stones to watch out for when shopping for something that looks expensive but is not hard on the pocket.

Grocery bins are bad news for germophobes

These are rarely cleaned, according to a bulk grocery store employee. So before touching these bins, spray some alcohol. You will have a hard time justifying to your health insurance provider how you have that infection because you forgot to disinfect these dirty grocery bins.

Resume readers don’t really care

When applying for jobs, we tend to check if the job description aligns with our skills. Apparently, resume screeners care less about that and treat it as a wish list than ironclad requirements. So, perhaps give the application a go? Who knows, you might get in.

Personal data is kept by anyone giving out loans

They tell you that your personal information is safe and not saved, but a student loan officer contradicts that and says that they do. So, your name, social, addresses and phone and banking details–they have it. Nothing is safe anymore.

A little soap is all it takes

You have the granite flooring installed in your new home, but the sliding windows or doors are proving tough to open? A construction worker gave a tip–use dish soap to lubricate the tracks. It is better than WD-40 in many instances and is way cheaper, too!

Recycling is not just for trash

For avid fashion-oriented consumers, getting that new scent for their perfume or soap is always exciting. However, an employee tells all and says that there aren’t really new scents–they just recycle the previous ones that had been discontinued and rebrand them. This is not too bad, though it is leaning towards misleading the buyers.

How do we get the most out of a legal consultation?

A lawyer says the best thing to do during legal meetings is: don’t talk and listen.

Good food at restaurants is due to a common secret ingredient

People often wonder why restaurant food tastes better in many instances. According to a restaurateur, the secret is putting more butter than usual in most of these dishes. So if you are counting calories skip that fancy food joint and cook your own meal.

To drink wine or not to drink wine?

When in a restaurant, ordering the cheapest bottle of wine means paying the most considerable markup. It is not necessarily bad, especially if it is within the budget. Your financial advisor might squirm a bit, though.