Who doesn’t like birthdays? For most of us, it’s a free pass to get the things we like and celebrate however we want. It’s also an opportunity to express our gratitude to our families and friends, who have shown their support since day one.
Anyway, there’s an extraordinary story of a seal celebrating his 31st birthday. Yes, even animals deserve to have their big day as well. The rescue grey Cornish Seal Sanctuary named Yulelogs got to enjoy his special day! Well, he was given a giant ice fish cake, and the sweet boy couldn’t hide his utmost joy to a huge degree!

1. Get to know Yulelogs

The grey seal was rescued back in 1989 by a marine park in northern England. He was only a tiny pup at the time. When the park closed, Yulelogs was released back into the wild. According to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Yulelogs had no idea how to feed himself since he had become too used to humans after being in captivity for a long time. It turns out he got rescued the second time. He weighed only around 60kg (132lb) instead of the standard 250kg (551lbs). Thanks to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, he was cared for and was given home security.

2. Happy 31st birthday, Yulelogs!

Yulelogs has been a favorite at the sanctuary. According to his caretakers, he is an energetic and enthusiastic seal. When he turned 31 years old, everyone in the shelter decided to pitch in their investment money to surprise him with a giant ice cake filled with yummy fish. This moment was a bit of a milestone for the sanctuary and Yulelogs himself because male grey seals tend to live only until 25 years old. Georgina Shannon, the media and marketing coordinator for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, said Yulelogs definitely enjoyed and loved his birthday cake.

3. The fish cake

As seen in the adorable photo, Yulelogs posed on the flooring while devouring his giant ice fish cake. We’re pretty sure the sanctuary staff sang him the birthday song, but judging by the seal’s look, it seems that he couldn’t wait to eat up his birthday cake. The marketing coordinator of the sanctuary also said it’s also a form of enrichment for Yulelogs, as the ice requires him to think about how to get the fish out of the block of ice cake. We’re not sure how he came up with the solution, but we’re certain he had a happy celebration.

4. Yulelogs’ fans

Since the photo has gone viral, Yulelogs gained a number of fans worldwide. Thousands greeted him a happy birthday on social media, along with their wishes. One commented, “He radiates happiness; it’s so lovely to see.” Another wrote, “Happy birthday, Yulelogs. Wishing you so many more years of being loved and spoiled.” Many others credited the sanctuary for keeping the grey seal safe and happy.

5. The sanctuary

It’s helpful to know there are institutions that care for injured seal pups, such as the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Owned by The SEA LIFE Trust, the sanctuary is located in Cornwall, England, UK. Its origins date back to 1958, when Ken Jones, the founder, came across a baby seal on the beach near his home. By 1975, his rescue work had outgrown the pool at St. Agnes, and so they hired a moving company to help them move to Gweek, their new site. On average, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has between 60 to 70 seals pups under their care. Other animals in the center are the southern sea lion, California sea lion, Humboldt penguin, Asian short-clawed otter, and the common seal.