True beauty comes from within. There’s definitely no doubt about that. However, if you have a couple of millions in the bank, spending a little of your fortune to glam yourself up a bit wouldn’t hurt! We could learn a thing or two from our favorite celebrity beauties! We are here to fill you in on what they’ve done and just how much they have spent on procedures to look their best. You might even be surprised at who is on the list! From Kylie Jenner to Nicki Minaj to Cher, we have it all here. We’ll take you for a ride and let you take a peek at your favorites’ tantalizing and glamorous world. In fact, we’ll take you behind the scenes of those perfect Instagram shots. If you want to know their secrets and possibly put investments in the same procedures, then keep on reading!

Kim Kardashian | $130,000

Spending a lot of money on luxury is something Kim Kardashian does daily. She can practically afford whatever she likes because she is one of the world’s wealthiest celebrities. Aside from designer clothing and investments, there are a few other things she’s spending money on that may intrigue you.

The reality star has a rigorous self-care regimen that includes everything from make-up and hair for each photoshoot to weekly workouts with personal trainers. She spends the most money on health and beauty products. Her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, costs $2500 a week. She also has her hairdressers and make-up artists, which she pays $2000 to $2500 a day for photoshoots. Her skincare routine involves semi-annual skin washing and luxurious skincare products, which amount to $50,000. In addition, Kardashian has gotten various cosmetic procedures to keep her hourglass shape. Indeed, if Kim K is your beauty inspiration, you’ll need a lot of cash to get her look.

Donatella Versace | $25,000

Donatella Versace has been the creative successor of the Versace empire since 1997, overseeing the development of the group’s premium apparel lines. She is in charge of the house’s overall vision, from its catwalk collections and image to its global expansion and digital future. Versace has grown into a luxury brand, with a range of investments that now includes fashion, shoes, home furnishings, and hotels.

Since joining the fashion industry, the Versace heiress has become a staple in the glamorous world of celebrities. As a result, she started to improve her appearance through cosmetic surgery in the late 1990s. Maybe it was because she was surrounded by the glamorous and famous or because she worked in an industry that was notoriously critical of how people looked. Whatever the reason might be, we are pretty sure spending $25,000 didn’t hurt her $850 million net worth.

La Toya Jackson | Unknown

LaToya Jackson rose to prominence after appearing on The Jacksons and went on to be the first girl in her family to have a solo career. She worked as a solo artist in the ‘80s, during which she gained a long list of achievements and released nine albums in a span of 15 years. Jackson became famous for her tracks such as Hearts Don’t Lie and Hot Potato. Outside the music scene, she also ventured into business investments that contributed to her massive net worth.

She successfully reached the level of her siblings’ Michael and Janet, but their resemblance is another story. Though they owe it to the genes, the siblings’ similar appearance appears to be due to their cosmetic procedures. While LaToya kept mum about her plastic surgeries, her similarities to Michael were surprising. From the nose to the drawn-on arched brows, we could barely tell the difference.

Jane Fonda | Unknown

Jane Fonda cemented her status in the Hollywood industry as a talented actress with her long list of films. Currently, the actress is known for her character in the hit Netflix series Grace and Frankie. At her current age, she is undeniably one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. However, the actress isn’t afraid to admit that she relied on doctors to maintain her youthful appearance.

While her openness about her surgeries might be surprising, Fonda admitted that she had cosmetic surgery around her eyes and jawline because she gave up looking tired when she wasn’t. It’s clear that she has complete control over when and how she discusses her plastic surgery, and her good looks aren’t solely due to the work she did. Fonda also credits her ageless appearance to her workout routines, yoga, and Pilates. No matter how much she spent to keep herself from aging, it was worth it.

Nicki Minaj | Unknown

It was her iconic verses, as well as her hot pink highlights and sparkling Barbie chain, that stole the stage. From that moment, we knew a rap superstar was born. Nicki Minaj skyrocketed to fame in the music industry with a list of chart-topping hits like Superbass, Anaconda, and Starships. The rapper follows Jay-Z and Beyoncé as one of the most influential rappers and crossover pop icons of her era.

From her modest beginnings to becoming a rap legend, she’s evolved in more ways than one. If you have been a fan of Minaj on Instagram, we’re sure you have noticed her transformations. Reports claim that she had cosmetic surgery on her nose and buttocks through the years, but the rap superstar has denied going under the knife. Regardless of the truth, her style, music, and signature physique have changed to a significant degree throughout her career.

Kathy Griffin – $30,000

Kathy Griffin is one of the most versatile and talented comedians to date. Her comedy talents have made her fans laugh heartily, and her laughter has sparked conversations about Hollywood stars. Of all the surprising remarks Griffin has made during her career, the claims about her plastic surgery are the most unforgettable. Her ability to keep up with other Hollywood actresses was a significant factor in her decision to undergo plastic surgery.

The comedienne has admitted to transforming her face many times during her career using cosmetic surgery and other techniques. She had weight issues as well, although they were short-lived. She got back in shape through liposuction and now has the most beautiful body a grown woman could have. She also underwent chemical peel, brow lift, and dental veneers. Without a doubt, this $30,000 investment succeeded in making her look younger.

Michael Rourke | $36,000

Mickey Rourke started his career as a boxer before leaving the ring in the 1970s to pursue a career in acting. He then burst onto the film industry with a scene-stealing performance in Body Heat. He spent the next few years putting his foot on the gas pedal and showing his greatness to the world.
Rourke’s look changed after just a few years of boxing. After sustaining injuries in the boxing ring, he needed get his face rebuilt. He had cracked both of his noses, snapped his cheekbone, and injured his ribs and toes. He did, however, claim that he went to the wrong surgeon for the work and that the results were not as he had hoped. As a result, Rourke underwent additional operations to strengthen and fix his look. His looks may have changed as much as his acting career over the years, but he is still a Hollywood success story.

Caitlyn Jenner | $4 Million

The Kardashians may have attempted to crack the internet with their magazine covers, but it was Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance that became most memorable. When she revealed her transformation on the cover of Vanity Fair, she became a fashion icon and an inspiration. Jenner appeared in the reality television series I Am Cait from 2015 to 2016, which focused on her transition. Soon enough, she became the world’s most prominent openly transgender woman.

The former athlete decided to make the transition much later in life. During her second transformation, she underwent facial feminization surgery to achieve her feminine features. It included hairline correction, forehead contouring, and jaw and chin contouring. When you add all of these procedures to the cost of her cosmetic reassignment surgery, the sum comes to about nearly $4 million, which we’re sure pales in comparison to her wealth and investments.

Lil’ Kim | $20,000

When you hear Lil Kim’s name, you’ll think of her as one of the best female rappers who has received a lot of attention for her work. In fact, her debut studio album sold six million copies. Her succeeding albums were certified platinum. She has also won several awards, propelling her to an unbelievable degree of fame and topping music charts.

Even though it’s evident that Lil’ Kim has had plastic surgery, she’s never wholly admitted it, and fans were stunned by her transformation. This isn’t the first time the rapper’s plastic surgery transformation has astounded her fans. Lil’ Kim has confessed to having at least two nose jobs, and she revealed the devastating explanation was that she was in an unhealthy relationship at the time that resulted in her nose getting broken. She reportedly spent $20,000 on her procedures.

Roseanne Barr | $45,000

Roseanne Barr made a name for herself as the star of her own NBC show Roseanne. She’s known for her sharp wit, sarcastic retorts, as well as humorous observations.

Barr started a tremendous change in the late 1990s that dramatically altered and changed her entire look. She underwent a gastric bypass operation, which aided her in losing a large amount of weight. Although we’re sure she had other procedures to minimize excess skin in her body, we’re also confident Barr chose a few surgeries that dramatically enhanced her facial features. Her nose job is visible, and she has since undergone a facelift and cheek implants to improve her facial features. In addition, Barr had neck liposuction to get rid of the extra fat that had built upon her neck. She appears to be ageless at 68, showing that her $45,000 investment has proven its worth.

Tom Jones | $46,000

Tom Jones rose to prominence as one of the most famous vocalists. He has sung nearly every popular music genre since the mid-’60s, including pop, rock, and western. To his credit, he has sold over 100 million albums throughout his six-decade career.

Jones chose to go under the knife to preserve his youthful image. In the early 1970s, he underwent rhinoplasty to smooth out a lump on his nose’s bridge. He also had surgery on his chin, eyes, and forehead. He even developed a goatee to conceal scars from an operation to remove excess fat from his jaw. Despite his plastic surgeon’s advice not to have another surgery, Jones confessed to having small operations performed to his eyes and nose in addition to getting his teeth fixed. His procedure may sum up to a costly amount but is nothing compared to his wealth.

Kris Jenner | $1 Million

Kris Jenner is the queen of reality television’s most famous family. Their show premiered a little over a decade ago, and since then, the Kardashians have become some of the most well-known faces in Hollywood. We have seen them morph over the years, but Jenner seems to have aged very slowly. She’s never been shy about sharing her cosmetic treatments.

The family’s matriarch has admitted to getting fillers, Botox, laser treatments, and even an earlobe reduction. She also had breast augmentation after having her four oldest children. Although Jenner has admitted to undergoing several procedures to maintain her youthful appearance, she has denied ever getting a nose job. She advised those considering surgery to “do what makes you feel fine” and to seek treatment from a “trusted” physician. While she reportedly shredded a million dollars to maintain her look, she didn’t need any personal loans to do so.

Demi Moore | $420,000

Demi Moore had a series of hits in the 90th century, from her classic cinematic Ghost to her more successful movie GI Jane. She has been in the spotlight for four decades, which is hard to believe. After all, the veteran actress still looks stunning. On the other hand, Moore faced big plastic surgery rumors after gracing Fendi’s Paris Fashion Week show in January 2021.

She once spent nearly half a million on cosmetic investments to look younger. Her revealing bikini was said to be the product of a plastic surgery binge. She reportedly had an operation to remove the sagging skin on her knees in addition to breast implants, collagen injections, and liposuction on her calves, thighs, and stomach. Moore has since starred in 18 more films, and she claims that Hollywood isn’t the only one who has finally embraced her generation.

Joan Rivers | $100,000

Joan Rivers was a huge part of American pop culture for more than four decades. After establishing herself as a comedian, she went on to work as a talk show host to a red-carpet interviewer. Throughout her career, she has embodied a real Hollywood legacy to an impressive degree.

Rivers was well-known for her fondness for cosmetic surgery. She underwent 348 cosmetic procedures throughout her life and was named “Hollywood’s Queen of Plastic Surgery.” She made no effort to disguise her cosmetic surgery, which could have included breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, brow lifts, temple lifts, nose job, facial implants and fillers, and Botox. The controversy over whether Rivers went too far with her plastic surgery procedures will go on indefinitely. While she spent a lot of money on her looks, we admire her for not being afraid to take responsibility for her actions and making no excuses.

Sharon Osbourne | $120,000

Sharon Osbourne has never concealed her fondness for cosmetic surgery, saying that she had “all uplifted” to look “more refreshed.” She has broken the Hollywood stigma by publicly discussing her various cosmetic operations on her face and body in the past like any celebrities.

Since losing more than 100 pounds due to a gastric bypass in 1999, Mrs. Osbourne has spent hundreds of thousands on surgical procedures. After losing eight and a half stone, she had her breasts raised, her arms reduced, and her tummy tucked. She has since had eyelift surgery, a hip lift, butt lift, and total body lift, as well as liposuction to remove fat from her thighs. Osbourne has also revealed that she has had years of Botox and other injectables to keep her youthful glow. She also acknowledges that she hasn’t ruled out future treatments, and her appearance will always be her most significant investment.

Rumer Willis | $100,000

Rumer Willis has been a celebrity since she was a small girl. It’s not her fault that her mother and father happen to be Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, two of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers. To her credit, Willis has weathered the media storm thanks to her parents’ celebrity status and emerged as a confident woman with an unapologetic, ever-shifting style.

Her coming-of-age story can be told by a series of dramatic changes. Since she dyed her hair pink, cut her hair into a few defiant crops that show off her strong jawline (which they mocked her about), and slammed everyone who dared to tell her that unconventional can’t be attractive. Her operations are not cheap. Her habit of changing things as soon as she doesn’t like them has cost her a whopping $100,000 at the doctor’s office. She underwent jawline reconstruction, rhinoplasties, Botox and lip injections, and a slew of other treatments.

Michael Jackson | $1 Million

Michael Joseph Jackson was a renowned American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is known as the “King of Pop” and is considered one of the most influential cultural figures of the twentieth century.

Jackson’s physical improvements drew intense media attention and public backlash, with some speculating that he was bleaching his face. His facial changes, especially his nose, sparked widespread speculation that he had undergone comprehensive cosmetic surgery. Jackson’s dermatologist, Arnold Klein, said he first noticed vitiligo in Jackson in 1983. Vitiligo is a disease in which patches of skin lose their pigment. Jackson stated that he had not bleached his skin on purpose and that he was not attempting to be something he was not. He also confessed to having two facial operations during an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Of course, the late singer also had a few other procedures, including jaw restoration, eye lifts, nose jobs, and so on. The estimated investment cost about $1 million.

Cher | $750,000

Cher has been an iconic figure in pop music and fashion since her rise to fame in the 1960s. She has been dubbed the “Goddess of Pop” by the media and has been portrayed as embodying female autonomy in a male-dominated industry. She also got into acting and modeling, and it was probably there that she got the idea that staying young for the rest of your life is the way to go.

Many people have asked if Cher has had plastic surgery because she is one of Hollywood’s most well-known artists. While several celebrities remain tight-lipped about surgical procedures, the Moonstruck actress has been forthright about her decision to undergo surgery. We can’t blame her for trying her best to look fabulous. Botox injections, eyelid modifications, rhinoplasties, and chest augmentations were among the procedures she underwent. The overall investment is estimated to have cost $750,000 in total.

Kylie Jenner | $2 Million

Kylie Jenner is a member of one of the world’s most prominent families. The youngest child of the Kardashian-Jenner family became the richest member after her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics took off. Jenner’s appearance has changed dramatically over the years as a result of her wealth and celebrity. She went from being the girl next door to being an absolute bombshell! She has her plastic surgeons to credit for her glow up.

Jenner’s plastic surgery journey started when she was 17 years old. She confessed to using lip fillers, such as Botox, in an episode of KUWTK because her small lips made her feel self-conscious. Her body also started to alter dramatically over time. Her nose shrank, her buttocks grew bigger, and her bust expanded greatly. However, Jenner has insisted over the years that she hasn’t had many cosmetic treatments done. She had spent a $2 million on lip fillers and other body enhancements.

Jocelyn Wildenstein | $6.7 Million

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a well-known New York socialite who earned the nickname “Catwoman” due to her feline-like features, has given her first televised interview in two decades. She credits her appearance to her Swiss ancestry rather than any plastic surgery. After her high-profile separation from billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein in 1999, Wildenstein became famous when she received about $2.5 billion in a payout that was a world record at the time.

The New York socialite is believed to have had canthopexy, a procedure that elevates the eyes to give them a cat-like look, before beginning her plastic surgery journey. As compared to photos taken before she underwent surgery, she has undergone a remarkable transformation. She has had upper and lower eyelid reconstruction, a brow lift, a facelift, lip-plumping injections, chin augmentation, fat grafting, and/or cheek implants, according to this specialist.

Blake Lively | $7,500

Almost every Hollywood star has undergone some kind of cosmetic surgery to improve his or her appearance to some degree. Blake Lively is one of those actresses who is adamant about not having plastic surgery.

She has long been credited as one of Hollywood’s most classically beautiful actresses. Despite almost a decade of denying claims that she had some work done, experts in the field claim it’s almost certain Lively had her nose slimmed down and perked up in her younger years! The actress has always preferred to let the talk happen rather than confirm or deny it, as fans have suspected. Of course, she has more pressing concerns these days. With her husband Ryan Reynolds, the 30-year-old actress has two daughters and works on a daily basis. She’s had a long and fruitful career, and one of the ways she got there was by not commenting on rumors! Not to mention, whether or not she had a nose job, Lively is still a stunning woman!

Barry Manilow | $70,000

You may know Barry Manilow due to his hit songs like Mandy and Copacabana. He, like most celebrities his age, attempts to conceal his true age by undertaking plastic surgery. Several media outlets have confirmed that the 77-year-old singer has had a facelift, eyelid surgery, cheek implants, and a nose job in the past. He has also had Botox injections, according to reports.

Manilow made headlines in 2003 when it was revealed that he made investments in undergoing both an upper and lower facelift to strengthen his facial skin and remove drooping skin around his eyes. The singer admitted he would have surgery to fix his fractured nose a month before the news of his facelift emerged. This is supposedly after walking through a wall in the dark by mistake. All of his procedures have cost him about $70,000, which doesn’t even make a dent in his impressive net worth of $100 million.

Suzanne Somers | $9,000

Suzanne Somers is also looking fabulous at 71, thanks to Botox. She is best known for her role as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Business. For those of you who are too young to recall, it was a famous show in the 1970s. She has changed dramatically in recent years, and it is fair to assume that she made investments in plastic surgery.

Somers undoubtedly feels more pressure than anyone to preserve her image as a former blond bombshell. In 2010, she appeared on several talk shows, after clearly undergoing extensive facial plastic surgery. She served as a role model or spokesperson for older women as she maintained her youthful appearance well into her 60s. She also promotes weight-loss supplements for women over the age of 40. She also advocates bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which is a cutting-edge treatment for menopause that also gives one a youthful glow.

Dolly Parton | $25,000

Dolly Parton is a country music legend and beloved for many reasons (her fashion, wit, and hair, to name a few), and her signature look is just one of them. The singer’s appearance has changed dramatically over the years. In fact, she still looks fantastic at her age, which she credits to cosmetic surgery. She’s also one of the few people on this list who is willing to discuss plastic surgery.

She started to get a little work done here and there as the years passed, but her face never lost its dramatic cheekbones, bright eyes, and signature charming grin. Given how young she seems, it’s hard to believe she turned 75 in January. We have no doubt that Parton’s good genes and ability to stay young at heart, not to mention her kind nature, played a role in maintaining her youthful charm.

Heidi Montag | $1 Million+

Heidi Montag was a reality television star in the past. She rose to fame after appearing on MTV’s The Hills. She later revealed that she was completely addicted to plastic surgery and that she enjoys fixing her body whenever she has the opportunity. In contrast to the degree of popularity she received from the show, she is now even more famous for what she did to her body.

Montag has confessed to spending more than a million dollars on plastic surgery. She went on a massive surgical binge in 2010, wherein she had a mini brow lift, Botox in the forehead and frown region, a nose job revision, chin reduction, and fat injections in the cheeks, nasolabial folds, and lips all in the same day. She has also had neck liposuction, her ears pinned back, a boob job revision, and a butt raise, among others. She was apparently self-conscious about her appearance, but she later admitted that she went too far and regrets it. She does, however, appear to be as stunning as ever.

Megan Fox | $8,000

Who hasn’t heard of Megan Fox? Her beauty dazzled at all times of the day and night. Fox is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses of all time, as evidenced by her statistics! To her credit, FHM named her the “Sexiest Woman In The World” in 2008, and she even made Maxim’s Hot 100 list. Her appearances in Michael Bay’s Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, on the other hand, catapulted her to new heights of fame (and hotness).

Fox denies getting plastic surgery, which is unsurprising at this stage, but there are credible rumors that she had breast augmentation, cheek implants, lip fillers, and Botox treatments. We can understand the actress’ desire to keep her modifications hidden if she has them. Who are we to judge? It doesn’t make her any less beautiful or good. We’ll be there to support her every step of the way if she feels more at ease and secure in her new look.

Natalie Suleman | $12,500

You may not know her name, but you are probably familiar with her story. Natalie Suleman is often referred to as “Octomom” after she made headlines when she became pregnant with and gave birth to eight children in 2009. Yes, you read that correctly.

Nadya is rebranding herself Natalie Suleman in an effort to shed the Octomom name. After years of denying allegations of having plastic surgery while on welfare, she finally admitted it. According to her, she had a breast augmentation, silicone lip implants, and a tummy tuck. Oh, and since they’re sewn on, those new brows are a little surgical. They’re also very costly. So there were only a few operations, but they were sufficient to fully reshape her face and body. When you add in her Brazilian blowouts (exorbitantly expensive hair treatments that chemically alter hair), the bill quickly mounts. She did, however, cover the cost of her cosmetic surgery with her investment money.

Pamela Anderson | $10,500

Pamela Anderson is one of the few people on this list who doesn’t need an introduction. She is, or was, a well-known figure at one stage in her life. She became well-known as a result of the television series Baywatch.

Natural beauty, like anyone else’s, does not last forever, and the actress was no exception. She needed to make investments and get some work done if she wanted to keep her youth or at least slow down the aging process. It’s no secret that she has had breast implants and her face tightened artificially. Anderson is known for her busty chest, platinum blonde hair, and heavy eye makeup, but the 53-year-old actress recently toned down her look by sweeping her signature blonde locks away from her face and wearing minimal make-up. Even though time has passed, she still looks as stunning as ever!

Lara Flynn Boyle | Unknown

Lara Flynn Boyle, the star of the 1990 cult TV show Twin Peaks, was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, just as fans of the show were celebrating the arrival of previously unseen footage from its cinematic prequel. Thanks to a series of cosmetic surgery procedures, the actress has transformed her look from the wide-eyed beauty who starred as Donna Hayward in David Lynch’s noir series.

Boyle, now 44, wore a puffier face with matching lips when out with her mother Sally, which contrasted dramatically with her incredibly thin body. When she married real estate agent Donald Ray Thomas II in 2006, the actress’s face appeared different. It was clear she had to have made investments in another surgery, with several analysts speculating that she had undergone rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, facial fillers, a brow lift, or a facelift. Many people commented on her new look, but she seems completely happy with the results.

Peter Burns | $38,000

Peter Burns was an English musician, guitarist, songwriter, and television host. He formed the band Nightmares In Wax in 1979, but the name was changed to Dead or Alive in 1980 due to changes in the band’s line-up. Burns was the singer and songwriter for the band. With their 1984 single You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), the band achieved mainstream success.

Burns was notorious for his ever-changing (and sometimes androgynous) look, which he freely acknowledged was heavily influenced by plastic surgery, which ultimately bankrupted him and caused health issues later in life. He, like so many others, fell into the pit of plastic surgery and developed an addiction to it. He had polyacrylamide injections in his cheeks, cheek implants, and several nose jobs, to name a few. He also revealed that he has no idea what the total cost of all of his cosmetic procedures is. Unfortunately, the singer passed away in 2016.

NeNe Leakes | $20,500

Nowadays, it’s more common than not for celebrities to undergo body enhancements like plastic surgeries and weight loss programs to further build their physique based on their preferences. One of them is NeNe Leakes, who’s well-recognized for appearing in the reality television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She often speaks her mind, resulting in some feuds in the past. Despite the brouhaha, she’s still beloved by fans of the show.

On her rise to stardom, Leakes openly shared why she decided to get what she referred to as a “tune-up.” Despite feeling confident and comfortable about herself, cosmetic surgeries like a nose job, smaller chest implants, chest lift, and liposuction to create a more contoured look around her waist were made. According to Leakes, the goal is to stay as NeNe but a better version. Whatever her justification for the surgeries, she definitely achieved a noticeable yet flattering degree of physical transformation.

Janice Dickinson | $20,000

With the passing of time, aging is inevitable. However, the obsession for maintaining a youthful look is common and rampant in the show business. Perhaps there’s a degree of normality when beauty is the source of livelihood, and Janice Dickinson did so many times in her career.

She is one of the well-known and successful models of her time—around the 1970s and 1980s. Eventually, she ventured into show business by serving as a judge on America’s Next Top Model from 2003 to 2006. In 2005, Dickinson opened her modeling agency and was documented in the eponymous reality television series The Jane Dickinson Modeling Agency, which aired from 2006 to 2008. At age 33, she began to undergo her first plastic surgery to maintain her beautiful looks. Some of the cosmetic procedures she had were brow lift, facelift, and collagen injections. Leading up to the present time, Dickinson has been a regular in cosmetic surgeons’ clinics.

Heather Locklear | $18,500

Heather Locklear is undoubtedly one of the beautiful faces in the entertainment industry at the prime of their careers, but rumors of several plastic surgery procedures are everywhere in recent years. Even at age 59, Locklear still looks stunning—credit to her health and beauty regimens. Some would argue that she definitely had some cosmetic procedures based on the photos online, such as cheek implants, Botox injections, chest implants, and facelift. However, Locklear neither confirmed nor denied these speculations.

On the other hand, Heather loves tanning products and uses Embrioles All In One Moisturizer. Aside from beauty products, she pampers herself with regular body massages after having a baby. For her face, she uses Sisley Botanical Cleansing Milk with Hawthorne. Heather’s choice of moisturizer is La Mer or Sisley. After going to bed, she puts on L’Oreal Turning Point Cream. For her makeup, she prefers MAC, Aveda, Trish McEvoy, and L’Oreal.

David Gest | $20,000

Some people regret the decision of having plastic surgery, which is a shame considering that it tends to be a big investment. One such person is David Gest, who publicly expressed his disappointment for making such a drastic change to his physical appearance after his premature exit from the British reality game show Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. His choice was made thanks to the influence of his lifelong friend, the late Michael Jackson.

His childhood in Encino, California, was surrounded by huge stars in the entertainment world. This played a big part in his adult life and career and he eventually became friends with the Jacksons. As a producer, he was responsible for the television special Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, which was the last reunion of Jackson and his brothers. Despite his wide connection of A-list celebrities, Gest was a down-to-earth and friendly person.

Denise Richards | $13,000

Hollywood actress turned The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards has been totally honest about the cosmetic procedures she had while refuting other procedures that are irrelevant for her. In an article online in 2019, she confirmed that she had a chest augmentation in the past. In the following year, she had a Botox injection but didn’t like it. The sensation on her forward was bothersome, and she felt something was pushing her forehead down. While there were speculations about her face getting fillers at the time, Richards said it was actually due to a medical condition caused her to gain weight.

The actress also noted that skincare was her top priority. Even as a teenager who started modeling at age 15, she took good care of her skin. She drank plenty of water and kept out of the sun as much as possible since her skin has a degree of sensitivity.

Meg Ryan | $12,000

With speculations regarding plastic surgery among Hollywood celebrities unconfirmed, people turn to cosmetic surgery experts for some hindsight. Neither confirming nor denying the rumors, Meg Ryan is constantly under the scrutiny of people wanting to find the truth.

In 2016, one cosmetic surgeon shared his thoughts surrounding the actress’ facial attributes. According to him, the most obvious thing that she has had done is the filler or fat transfer to her cheeks. He also observed that Ryan likely had rhinoplasty as her nose looked more pinched than before. Botox injections on her lips and forehead were also apparent. Whatever the truth may be, we have to give Ryan some credit; she looks like she is loving life every single day. She looks as youthful and charming as she did at the peak of her career, and that’s not something money can buy.

Trista Sutter | $11,000

In the pursuit of beauty, the former The Bachelorette star Trista Sutter went under the knife in 2012 three months before her 40th birthday. After undergoing augmentation for her chest and eyelids, she achieved an age-defying figure, which was astonishing for a mother of two.

Sutter shared that after nursing both her kids for a year each, she noticed her chest has shrunken and that her eyes had started to droop. Desperate to remove the bags under her eyes and increase her cup size, Sutter visited Dr. Franklin Rose, a Houston-based plastic surgeon, to get cosmetic procedures to address her concerns. According to her, it was a necessary thing to do for her happiness and confidence. True enough, she joyfully shared photos of her new body in a bikini, showing how wonderfully her body has changed. We’re sure her financial advisor gave her the green light to have the procedures done.

Tara Reid | $9,500

Tara Reid’s fame rose in the late 1990s and early 2000s while starring in movies like American Pie, The Big Lebowski, and Van Wilder. She achieved an incredible degree of success throughout her career with many movie roles on the big screen and television shows. After a long time, the vigor of her career began to fade, and so did her looks.

As with other celebrities who have plastic surgery, Reid has been incessantly inspected by the public’s prying eyes. As a result, noticeable changes in her body were shown in photos online. In 2004, the actress underwent liposuction and chest implants in hopes of enhancing her figure. Unfortunately, the results were not ideal. Luckily for Reid, it was fixed in 2010, and she was able to wear bikinis once more. Her confidence came back and she landed more projects as a result.

Kim Novak | $9,000

One of the glamorous Hollywood celebrities of her time is Kim Novak—now aged 88. Widely known for playing the character of Madeleine Elster in the 1958 thriller movie Vertigo, she achieved a significant degree of success throughout her career. Novak may have aged naturally and beautifully, but with plastic surgery readily available to her, she didn’t let the chance pass by.

In 2014, the actress admitted that she received a facial fat injection. People started to notice the changes on her face when she appeared at the 86th Academy Awards alongside Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. According to Novak, the decision to have the cosmetic procedure was to help with her feelings of insecurity. Now that she is retired from Hollywood, Novak is free from the pressures of being a celebrity and can enjoy her twilight years without worrying about every new wrinkle that pops up on her face.

Courtney Love | $10,000

After her friend, the actress Goldie Hawn advised her to get a facelift at age 35, the Hole singer Courtney Love felt compelled to heed her advice. Aside from the verified facelift procedure she had, rumors about a nose lift job have been circulating on the internet. However, looking closely at the before-and-after photo of Love from years ago up to recent years, there is a high likelihood of a nose job. In one article, she was described to have a fresher look than ever. Another thing that was noticeable was her new lips, which led to speculations that she got fillers.

Love rose to prominence in the late 1990s when she formed the band Hole, an alternative rock group. With confrontational lyrics and uninhibited live performances on stage, she drew the public’s attention, which resulted in her career’s elevation. She also reached a degree of stardom for her relationship with the late Kurt Cobain.

Iggy Azalea | $20,000

Though some celebrities hesitantly dispute or provide clear answers about speculations regarding their alleged plastic surgery, Iggy Azalea is not one of them. The rapper openly admitted getting rhinoplasty and chest augmentation in an interview. However, the 30-year-old singer-rapper insisted that her “behind” was the result of diet and exercise.

While some people are unsatisfied of not knowing the truth behind Azalea’s other cosmetic surgeries, they turn to plastic surgery experts for a possible answer. One expert suggested that she might have undergone a chin augmentation and mandibular angle enhancement for a more refined jawline.

One photo that she uploaded sparked awe and speculation. A user gave her view by saying that she will not have a baby until she can afford the things that celebrities do to have a body like Azalea’s just weeks after giving birth. In response, the rapper shared that it’s not about money. She credits it to disciplined eating while pregnant and mental strength to stick it out for nine months.

Jessica Simpson | $2,000

After giving birth, recapturing a youthful body are some of the goals most women have, especially for celebrities. In her memoir, Jessica Simpson revealed that she had done tummy tucks in the past twice after her two pregnancies. However, she clarified that the surgery was not for weight loss but to get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin on her belly.

Nevertheless, Simpson expressed that women should be proud of their stretch marks as they created life. For her, it just touched all of her insecurities, so it was a worthwhile investment for her. To keep her body fit and healthy, she strictly follows an exercise and diet routine, like taking 16,000 steps daily. She also eats three healthy protein-packed meals along with two snacks of nuts. Thanks to her persistence and discipline, her body is much healthier than ever.

Dianna Agron | $15,000

Glee star Dianna Agron has admitted to having had two nose jobs in the past on the Late Show with David Letterman. She clarified that the first surgery was to fix the damage from her broken nose after a party accident, while the second surgery took place after an incident during her tour on Glee.

With regard to her body, the 34-year-old hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery to stay fit. In fact, she credits her toned physique to her healthy lifestyle. She follows a vegetarian diet and cooks most of her healthy meals, which gives her the stamina and energy she needs to handle the demands of her career. Agron also loves spending her time outdoors and going on walks or hikes. With the way her lifestyle is going, it just shows plastic surgery is unnecessary if you live a healthy lifestyle.

Kathie Lee | Unknown

After her long career in television shows, Kathie Lee ventured on film producing and songwriting projects. Her success has allowed her to buy whatever her heart desires, including a new face. With many speculations about her cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty, Botox, cheek augmentation, and facelift, she finally cleared things up. In 2009, the National Inquirer got the information from a publishing company about a book she worked on. In the book, it was revealed that the actress underwent cosmetic procedures, including laser treatment and Botox, though she denied having had a facelift.

Even at 67, Lee is undeniably fit and gorgeous, which she credits to her new exercise called Manduu. This groundbreaking exercise uses electrical muscle stimulation. Since adopting the new exercise, the singer hasn’t only gained a muscular physique, but also good praises for promoting good living by staying active.

Kelly Rowland | $22,000

Kelly Rowland talked about her long-awaited surgery in a 2013 interview with Shape magazine, saying that she had always wanted to get chest implants when she was 18 years old but was advised by Beyonce and her mom to really think about it. She took their advice and waited 10 years before finally proceeding. In 2017, three years after giving birth to her firstborn, Kelly shared to People magazine that she’s open to having another chest augmentation procedure after she has another child.

Now at age 40, it seems that she doesn’t need plastic surgery to get thinner. With Pilates as her favorite go-to workout, a personal trainer, and online classes for any exercise, she can maintain her slim figure. Although she doesn’t follow a strict diet, she makes sure to cut sugar from her diet. Her daily meals include fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and meat.

Clay Aiken | $11,000

Clay Aiken made a name for himself back in 2003 after finishing second in the 2nd season of the television show American Idol. After almost snagging the most coveted title, Clay made an investment in his music career. He has released six albums during his time in the industry so far, including A Thousand Different Ways, Measure of a Man, On My Way Here, Merry Christmas with Love, and Tried and True. Outside of television, Clay ventured into the world of politics in 2014 as the North Carolina candidate under the Democratic Party.
His vast career seems to require tons of public appearances. In 2012, the world was surprised to see a different version of the American Idol alumnus’ face. It turns out that he had his jaw fixed due to a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Although it sounds like a painful procedure, the results were certainly in Clay’s favor.

Kourtney Kardashian | $25,000

The reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians opened a lot of doors for Kourtney Kardashian and her entire family in 2007. She then later co-starred with her sisters Khloe and Kim in spin-off shows entitled Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. The 41-year-old television personality is the eldest of Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian’s children. In addition to her television career, she poses as a model for various brands, including Coca-Cola. She also made investments in other endeavors, specifically in the line of fashion. Her fame continues to rise, and the pressure to always look good eventually caught up with her.
Kourtney once admitted to having gotten herself a breast augmentation procedure way back in her collegiate days. Her gorgeous looks were even amplified by her new assets. However, in 2011, the socialite shared her regrets about having the surgery done.

Holly Madison | $32,000

The reality program The Girl Next Door launched blonde beauty Holly Madison into immense fame and fortune. Her perfect figure and doll face caught Hugh Hefner’s eyes, and he eventually made her one of his girlfriends. She then went to live in his infamous mansion. Afterward, the entertainment world buzzed around Holly. She appeared in several television shows such as Dancing with the Stars and had her own series, Holly’s World. Her popularity must have come with tons of pressure as the paparazzi watched and scrutinized her every move. The blonde bombshell then decided to go under the knife for some beauty-enhancing surgeries.
Now 41 years old, Holly made sure that the investments she made are well-taken care of. The former bunny got a $1 million insurance for her breasts in 2011. In addition to breast augmentation, she reportedly made some changes to her face, specifically her nose.

Ciara | Unknown

The hit songs Love Sex Magic, Dance Like We’re Making Love, and Can’t Leave ‘em Alone are credited to the one and only Ciara. However, the release of her 2004 debut single Goodies was what propelled her to prominence. The song achieved top place in sales, which led to her being dubbed the Princess of Crunk & B. Aside from that, she made various collaborations over the years with fellow musicians such as Pete Pablo, Akon, Rihanna, and Chris Brown. It came as a surprise when she decided to undergo plastic surgery despite her already beautiful looks and gorgeous figure.
She reportedly had Botox injection, breast implant surgery, and rhinoplasty. Unlike other celebrities who fervently denied having surgery when asked about it, Ciara had neither confirmed nor denied that she had one. Regardless, she managed to maintain her gorgeous looks, which made her endearing and charming to many of her fans.

Vivica Fox | $26,000

Vivica Fox has been active in Hollywood for a very long time. After finishing college with a degree in social science, she kick-started her career in the 1980s. She is known for her roles in the disaster flick Independence Day and the Tarantino film Kill Bill. However, it was her role in Independence Day that launched her career to prominence. For her longevity, it is no surprise that she has changed her appearance multiple times, with her latest photos shocking many fans.
Initially denying any rumors about her plastic surgery, she has slightly addressed these in 2008 after being featured in Upscale magazine. In it, she admitted to having undergone breast surgery and Botox injections. However, many of her fans were not convinced that those were the only procedures that she had gotten, with many saying she got lip surgery at one point, based on her past and present photos. Regardless, she remains happy and glad about her appearance.

Christopher Maloney | $92,000

English singer Christopher Maloney is best known for his participation in the television show The X Factor. He finished third back in 2012 and was heavily associated with the show until the following year. He then went on to have a successful career as a solo musician after his television stint. However, he also made headlines for his plastic surgery expenses in 2015.

His first notable procedures were hair transplant, eye lift, nose job, and teeth veneers. This was followed by his second surgery, which was done in Poland back in 2017. Reports say that he spent £100,000 ($138,000) for it. He had another round of enhancements in 2018 for his nose, costing around £500 ($691). He stated that it was his anxiety that prompted him to make body modifications. Overall, he spent an estimated £115,000 ($160,000) investment for all the procedures. Regardless, Christopher seems quite happy with his personal investments.

Victoria Beckham | $13,000

The Spice Girls were one of the hottest sensations of the ‘90s era. Every teen girl, and even boys, could not help but dance along to their tunes. Among the five members of the group, none seemed more sophisticated than Posh Spice, who is now known better as Victoria Beckham. She was the talk of the town when she married football heartthrob David Beckham in 1999. They have since been dubbed as a power couple by fans.

After her singing days, Victoria became a worldwide fashion icon, with almost every woman on the planet considering her as the goal. As with the pressure of her occupation, she was not immune from seeking a few modifications to her body to keep up with her image. She reportedly had breast augmentation surgery to even out her frame to a certain degree. The surgery set her back $13,000, which seems to be a reasonable price to attain perfection.

Khloe Kardashian | Unknown

Khloe Kardashian followed the lead of her sisters Kourtney and Kim to further enhance their already gorgeous figure and faces. People were shocked to see her with a completely different look in 2020. Many of her fans speculated that she had plastic surgery, a claim that the television personality denies. Khloe, along with her family, became famous for their reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This was followed by its spin-offs Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

The cost of her beauty enhancements is kept on the down-low. However, it seems undeniable that she went under the knife. Some cosmetic surgeons pointed out her most recent photos and seemingly confirmed the rumors. Well, she also shed a huge amount of weight, which may explain the difference. Nevertheless, she had made investments in her new body and it surely paid off.

Tori Spelling | $13,000

Tori Spelling was born to be a star as she is the daughter of legendary producer Aaron Spelling. This was both a blessing and a curse for the Beverly Hills 90210 star. This gave her an advantage in the entertainment industry. However, Tori had to prove to the world that she had serious acting chops, so she refused to hide behind her family name’s shadow.

Through the years, people have speculated that Tori has had numerous surgeries to stay gorgeous. However, she adamantly insists that the only times she went under the knife was for breast augmentation and a nose job which has cost her an estimated $13,000. Despite being in her mid-40s, Tori credits her youthful glow to a dedicated skincare regimen and the joy that motherhood brings. She is currently married to fellow actor Dean McDermott, and together, they have five children.

Nicole Richie | $13,000

Nicole Richie initially became popular for being the best friend of socialite Paris Hilton. Her relationship with Paris, in particular, kickstarted her career after she appeared alongside her in the television reality series The Simple Life. Afterward, she collaborated with numerous fashion brands as a designer and made investments in her personal clothing line. Her success attracted a myriad of fans and paparazzi. This may have pressured her to undergo body-enhancing procedures to maintain her looks.

She was photographed with an apparent change in her chest size during a vacation with her family in Mexico back in 2011. This seems to indicate that she had breast augmentation. It was reported that she had the procedure with plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, who was well-known for his celebrity clientele such as Kate Hudson, Kris Jenner, and Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner. Regardless of what others may say, her procedures look perfectly done.

Britney Spears | Unknown

Britney Spears is a music and cultural icon of an entire generation. She sang and danced her way into almost every teenage girl’s bedroom poster and was later dubbed as The Princess of Pop in the late ‘90s. Her debut album Baby One More Time, followed by her second album Oops!… I did it again topped the charts. Her undeniable success continued on to the early 2000s, with both her music and image maturing along with her.

Britney’s personal life and career were subject to a ton of controversy and media coverage. A lot of people questioned if her amazing physique was the result of plastic surgery like most of her peers back then. However, it comes as a surprise that not a single scalpel was responsible for it. She has admitted to having a simple lip injection for enhancement, but everything else is innate.

Nicole Kidman | $1,400

Nicole Kidman is a multi-awarded actress who became famous for her roles in various films, including Batman Forever, Before I Go to Sleep, and The Stepford Wives. She has been active in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. That’s why it was not surprising that she had opted to get some Botox injections to maintain her good looks. Her beauty enhancement has continued with an increasing degree as she matures.
Based on her photos over the years and opinions from cosmetic surgeons, she had Botox injections since her rise to prominence in the ‘90s. A more recent example was her role in the HBO series The Undoing, released in 2020. Fans of the show noticed how Nicole’s face remained youthful yet quite stiff. While she denied getting work done, some cosmetic surgeons pointed out that she may have had some fat injections and chin adjustments in the past. Regardless, she remains to be a powerful and gorgeous presence in the industry.

Ashlee Simpson | $1300

Ashlee Simpson started her career as a backup dancer during the height of the career of her older sister, Jessica. She then later went on to venture into acting and appeared in a couple of television shows, including 7th Heaven as Cecilia Smith. She even had her very own reality television series, The Ashlee Simpson Show. However, her most notable credits were in the music industry. She released her very first album, Autobiography, in 2004 when she was only 20 years old. Her rising popularity came with a hoard of fans and media coverage.
Ashlee used to be known for her charming and cute looks before rumors of beauty enhancements came out. Now 36 years old, she has not openly admitted having gone under the plastic surgeon’s knife. However, she expressed her opinions on the topic by saying that it is a personal choice. According to various sources, she reportedly underwent rhinoplasty over the years.

Gwyneth Paltrow | $1,500

Gwyneth Paltrow is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous sights in Hollywood. The combination of her sultry eyes and slender physique has captivated audiences ever since her breakthrough in the film Shakespeare In Love. She gained other acting credits from films like The Royal Tenenbaums, Iron Man, and Talented Mr. Ripley. Outside of acting, Gwyneth used her gorgeous features and modeled for several brands such as Frederique Constant, Juice Beauty, and Coach. Besides, she is the founder of the lifestyle brand, Goop. However, despite having naturally good looks, she succumbed to the power of beauty enhancement. She admittedly tried various ways to maintain her beauty.

She said that she had chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Thermage skin tightening, Botox injection, and laser. She reportedly regretted getting Botox injections, which might be the reason why she went for the less invasive alternative, Xeomin.

Ariana Grande | Unknown

Ariana Grande is one of the most influential pop stars nowadays. She was a Nickelodeon teen star before rising to her superstar status today. She radically transformed herself from a quirky, teen-friendly star to a pop culture icon. This made many people question whether or not she had surgery before.

Cosmetic experts and many of her fans made comparisons between her past and present photos to find any difference in her appearance. They pointed out the changes in her eyebrows, which may be credited as a result of Botox injections. Aside from that, her enhancement procedures might have included a nose job, cheek, chin, and lip adjustments. Ariana responded with a slew of tweets back in 2019, fervently denying any rumors of getting plastic surgery. Regardless of its validity, it is certain that she has changed radically over the years and she continues to make investments in her image and career.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff | Unknown

The twins Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff gained worldwide popularity for their extreme transformation. Their case is a perfect example of how overdoing plastic surgery could do more harm than good.

The French twin TV personalities Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff rose to fame for their science-based TV show in the 1970s to 1980s. The people love them, especially the women, for their intelligence came with good looks. The twins wanted to improve their appearance and reverse aging. As the two took time off in the 1990s to pursue a higher degree in cosmology, the twins took the chance and had few surgeries done. Initially, they just went for a facelift and few fillers. As time passed by, people started noticing massive changes in their looks. As experts suggest, the twins had chin and cheeks implants, fillers, and botox. Now, the Bogdanoffs are barely recognizable based on their original look from the 1970s. Yet, the twins deny that they have had massive surgeries. Likewise, others believe that the twins are another case of acromegaly, which is a medical condition that makes the bones of the skull, hands, and feet increase.

Jennifer Aniston | $200,000 a Year

As the saying goes – beauty comes with a price. It sounds right, as it is quite expensive to maintain good looks. Take Jennifer Aniston as an example. She spends about $200,000 a year on self-care and beauty maintenance. Although she claims to have never done any plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures on her face, aside from her nose for medical purposes, she still spends that much.

The elite A-lister celebrity has visibly glowing and youthful skin, which she credits to her non-invasive beauty regimen. Jennifer uses high-grade serum, ampoules, moisturizing creams, and sunscreen on her face as her daily maintenance routine. She also splurges on her regular visit to spas and salons. Accordingly, she must have included supplements and vitamins for beauty upkeep from the inside aside from eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. Lastly, it must be her genes that play a big part in her overall non-aging appearance.

NeNe Leakes | Undisclosed

NeNe Leakes’ best advice to women is to get plastic surgery if they need to and if they can afford it. She is known for her straightforward and honest opinions. As such, she did not omit the fact that plastic surgeries are pricey, and one could be in great debt if they chose to get a loan for it. As per NeNe, having done several upgrades to her body makes her a better version of herself as she felt more beautiful and confident than she was before. Well, clearly, she can also afford them.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been an open book about her plastic surgeries over the past decades. She had her first surgery, a nose job, back in 2010. NeNe also had breast augmentation, liposuction, and multiple nose jobs due to medical reasons. When asked if she has plans of having another operation, she says that another nose job when the time that she needs to have one. As for her limitations, she said that she will not get a facelift or butt enhancement.

Blac Chyna | $100,000

According to the reports, Blac Chyna was given a plastic surgery spree worth $100,000 by her former fiance, Rob Kardashian. Although the TV personality initially denied the allegations of having surgeries, she recently opened up about her truths about going under the knife.

Blac, who is an American TV personality and model, gained fame through her appearance in several music videos as well as her romantic involvement with several music artists. As her appearance is an important investment in her career, Blac makes sure that she always looks her best. As such, she admitted to having several plastic surgeries done in the past. According to her, she had her buttocks enhanced and then had liposuction after giving birth to Dream, her second son. Blac also had her breast worked a couple of times – augmentation, implants, and reduction. Additionally, she posted a photo of herself with a more defined jawline. Considering all the rumored surgeries she had, her total splurge for beautification must be more than $100,000.

Janet Jackson | Undisclosed

Janet Jackson has lived her whole life under the spotlight. People watch her bloom and grow as a person and as a singer. As such, Janet cannot deny the changes she had on her face, as people can recognize them clearly. Although she is tight-lipped about her trips to plastic surgeons, here is the rundown of her alleged beauty enhancements.

Being an entertainer is more than just a job as it is also a lifestyle. Appearance is one of the investments needed in this job, secondary to talent and hard work. As for performers like Janet, it is inevitable for them to seek a doctor’s help to manage their youthful look. Over the years, she has dismissed having multiple plastic surgeries except for her nose job. As experts scan her before and after photos, they attest that Janet’s features have remarkable changes, and it is not of a natural cause. At her age today, her seemingly wrinkle-free and stretched face suggests facelift and botox. She also had rhinoplasty, cheek fillers, and eyes and brow lift, according to some reports. The amount spent on her alleged surgeries was left undisclosed as Janet resists talking about it.

Farrah Abraham | $21,000

In 2016, Farrah Abraham announced that she will lie low on her cosmetic surgery journey. Apparently, she can’t stop going under the knife as she felt that she needed more. On her recent trip to the doctor in 2020, she went extreme and had a tightening of her private parts.

Farrah first came to the spotlight when she joined the reality TV show 16 and Pregnant in 2009. As she became a fixture in reality shows, her appearance started to evolve. She has admitted to having done several surgeries, including breast implants, nose job, and chin implant. The said surgeries cost her a total of $21,000, according to her financial reports. Additionally, she also splurged an undisclosed amount for botox, fillers, and reworked surgeries as she felt uncomfortable about some of it. As Farrah continues to enhance herself, she makes sure that her health is in top shape by exercising and having a balanced diet.

Phyllis Diller | $50,000

The late comedian Phyllis Diller is one of the proponents of normalizing cosmetic surgeries. Ahead of her time, she understands that plastic surgery would be the go-to of celebrities. As such, she took the liberty to share her experiences under the knife. As Phyllis was very open about her surgeries, she even incorporated them into her materials on her comedy shows.

At the age of 55, she started her trip to plastic surgeons. For her first trip, she went all in and had a complete facelift. As appearance is her initial investment, Phyllis makes sure to look her best despite aging. She went far as she could and had almost all kinds of enhancements done on her body, such as a breast reduction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, brow lift, and many more. As she recounts her plastic surgery journey, she mentioned spending about $50,000 for all the work done on her – a relatively expansive amount as her surgeries were done since the 1970s.

Patricia Heaton | Undisclosed

Another celebrity mom who decided to have a mom-makeover is Patrica Heaton. Being a five-foot-two actress with a heavy figure is not the best sight to see on television. As an actress, she felt that she needed to do something about her bulging tummy and oversized breasts after having four children delivered via C-section.

Patricia might be in her 60s already, but she can pass for a woman in her 50s. Looking young and great at her age, she credits her look to the self-care she started years ago. It all started with her decision to have a tummy tuck and breast reduction. Seeing good results, she was inspired to have botox and fillers on her face to make herself look so young. As a result of her upkeep, Patricia was cast in a younger role in a sitcom. Not only does it help her career, but it also boosts her self-confidence.

Cardi B | Undisclosed

Cardi B, the female rapper and hit-maker known for her outspoken and fierce attitude, is not afraid to expose her secrets to the public. As such, she shared how she got her infamous curves and other plastic surgeries.

Cardi B felt more confident after having plastic surgeries. The WAP singer admits that she was insecure growing up. Being skinny was not a thing in the Bronx so she was often made fun of. Determined to achieve her desired body, Cardi B worked as a dancer and had her breast fixed. It was followed by work on her butt for $800 done by an underground surgeon. Thankfully, nothing happened to her. In 2019, Cardi B went under the knife again just a few months after giving birth to her daughter, Kulture. She had liposuction and breast augmentation done as she wanted to see immediate results and get back to her work soon. Apparently, it did not end well as she did not take her time to fully recover after the surgery. This resulted in the cancellation of a few of her concerts and probably a cut back in her financial report. After experiencing a life-threatening effect of surgery, Cardi B announced that she will never go under the knife again.

John Travolta | Undisclosed

John Travolta started his career in the entertainment industry in the early ‘70s. He gained prominence when he starred in the films Saturday Night Life in 1977 and Grease in 1978, followed by several action and thriller films like Taking of Pelham 123 and Face Off. As time passed, his skills as an actor developed, which gave him his celebrity status and good credit score.

Strikingly, it seems as everything changed, except his skin remained as youthful as it was. According to reports and observations, John has done several works on his face, which is the reason for his seemingly unaging skin. Proofs of his transformation show that he had facelifts and botox as he has wrinkle-free and stretched skin. John’s miraculous hair growth, as seen in the 2014 red carpet event, also suggests hair implants. Although plastic surgery is not uncommon these days, he still dodges the topic.

Al Pacino | Undisclosed

In this modern-day, cosmetic surgery is not as taboo as it was before. It is widely accepted that even men are now open to the idea. As such, celebrities are the primary clients of beauty enhancements as their appearance is a substantial investment for them to keep their relevance in the industry.

Since male celebrities are not spared from aging, Al Pacino joined the wagon and had his fair share of cosmetic surgery procedures. The iconic actor, known for his brilliant performance in the films The Godfather, Scarface, and Serpico, was said to have done several cosmetic surgeries over the years. Like any male persona, Al Pacino does not talk about his beautification. Yet, experts believe that he did at least botox or facelift and eyelift. His lack of extra folds in his eye area supports the claim of having it done over the knife. Likewise, changes in his nose are also evident that many believed he had rhinoplasty. The Triple Crown of Acting recipient is in no need of loans as he can afford all the procedures he wants to, given his net worth. The amount he used for his treatments still remains undisclosed as he is not open to its discussion.

Wayne Newton | Undisclosed

Wayne Newton is the famous singer known for his hit singles Danke Shoen, Years, and Red Roses for Blue Lady. Likewise, his long-lived career as an entertainer in Las Vegas gave him his alias as Mr. Las Vegas and Midnight Idol. Apparently, beyond his beautiful career in music and entertainment, he is also a well-loved personality in the medical industry as he is a regular customer and a fan of enhancements.

Like any other artist, Wayne knows that apart from his singing voice, his appearance is also to credit for his lively career that has progressed throughout the decades. Wanting to remain relevant, he went too far on his quest for looking his best. Initially, Wayne had facelift and eye lift done on his face. It was followed by a nose job, and some also suspected neck lift and several other non-surgical procedures such as botox and fillers. As he has overdone it, the result makes him look like a wax figure and barely unrecognizable.

Jillian Michaels | Undisclosed

Jillian Michaels is a big supporter of good body image and self-care. Known for her TV appearances and shows like The Biggest Loser, she used her voice to advocate a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. As she has a story to tell about her own struggles in appearance, she does not mask the fact that she also fell under the spell of plastic surgery.

Jillian went under the knife at the age of 16. Admitting that she had her nose done, she shares the reason for her decision and what made her do it. Apparently, Jillian was bullied when she was in high school to the point that she tried to not go to her classes. Weighing 175 pounds back then, it was inevitable for some parts of her body and face to swell – especially her nose. Being picked on for her looks made Jillian insecure. As a result, she was driven to lose weight and ask her parents to allow her to have the surgery. She gave credits to her parents for her regained self-confidence, and now, Jillian has become a successful fitness trainer.

Leah Mcsweeney | Undisclosed

The TV personality and reality star Leah Mcsweeney is not just outspoken about her journey under the knife, but also a believer and fan of it. In fact, she once said that she will support her daughter if she chose to have one in the future. Leah is all about improvement and feeling better about herself. Not ashamed of her choices, she doesn’t mind being ridiculed by some of her detractors. As she shares her moments on her social media, Leah can’t help but give credits to her surgeons for giving her the look that she wanted. When asked about how much she spent on her procedures, she refused to respond.

The Real Housewives of New York star has updated her look with a breast procedure done in December 2020. Happy and content with the outcome, Leah shares that having a breast lift and augmentation was her gift to herself last Christmas. Prior to her recent trip to the surgeon’s table, she had already done rhinoplasty and septoplasty years ago. Likewise, she must have a few non-surgical procedures done on her face as she seems to have youthful and wrinkle-free skin.

Madison Lecroy | Undisclosed

According to studies, women have a higher percentage of getting plastic surgeries than men. Although men also go through changes in their appearance, women’s bodies are more susceptible to drastic changes due to hormones, pregnancy and giving birth, weight gain, and many more. For the same reason, Madison Lecroy went to have her body revamped as it has gone through a lot after her pregnancy.

The Southern Charm star is not shy to admit that she went full-mom-makeover after experiencing several changes in her body after pregnancy. The star credits her family and friends for the support they gave her throughout the process. Although she works out a lot to get her figure back, she still finds it hard to get her former glorious body. As a wise man once said – a happy wife is a happy life – and Madison understands it as she wants to be at her best, mentally and physically, so she can be the best mom that she could be. She shared with her followers that she had her breast implants and tummy tuck. As Madison regained her confidence, she can now concentrate on her duties as a new mom.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima | $72,000

Larissa Dos Santos Lima wowed her fans in 2020 when she appeared as a new woman. She looked different compared to her appearance on the show 90 Day Fiancé. Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous new look. While the star was already quite a beauty before she took it a notch – a couple of notches – higher. When asked about the changes, she gave a direct answer.
The star said she underwent cosmetic surgery procedures that cost at least $72,000. This procedure included a breast and butt augmentation, as well as a nose job and liposuction. Have you seen new photos of her? If so, then you can see that her investments are quite evident. She said that she feels like a new woman and that she’s happy, and that’s what matters since a happy and confident woman is a beautiful woman.

Gia Giudice | Unknown

One of Instagram’s most famous personalities would include Gia Giudice. She is the daughter of Teresa Giudice, a prominent name in the industry. The star revealed that she recently got a nose job. During the time that the procedure was done, she was just 19 years old. Despite that, she showed that she was very confident about her decision.
Gia was one of the very first people who shared the beauty enhancement work that they had done. I think we could all agree that cash loans were not a problem for the procedure. Gia also expressed that her nose was one of her insecurities and that the procedure boosted her confidence. Furthermore, she said that she was already an adult when it took place, and that’s what she’s been showing us. While people may have doubted that it was done on childish impulse, the star has been very mature about her decision.

Sonja Morgan | Unknown

Are you a fan of the Real Housewives of New York City? If so, then you probably know the beautiful Sonja Morgan. Aside from being a TV personality, she is also a businesswoman. Thanks to her successful career, she now has a net worth of $8 million. With this amount, it seems like cash loans and bankruptcy are the least of her worries.
With all her money, the star has decided to do little tweaks here and there to glam herself up more. Recently, she has revealed that she has done a facelift and neck lift. According to her, people she knows thought it was unnecessary as it was just something subtle. We would have to agree, but it’s because we believe the star was already stunning before the process. Nonetheless, we support strong and confident women who know what they want!

Chrissy Teigen | Unknown

Christine Diane Teigen, or better known as Chrissy Teigen, was born on November 30, 1985. She is one of the most talented women in Hollywood. She is best known as a model, but she is also a television personality, author, and entrepreneur.
Recently, she revealed that she got a breast procedure done when she was just still starting her career. At the time, Chrissy was actively modeling; and she recalled that she was still young and thought it was a good move for her career. Over time, she realized the opposite is true when one becomes a mom. We have to give her credit. Not only did she own it, but she talked of the matter lightheartedly. Whatever may have happened in the past, I think we could all agree that the star still looks gorgeous and stunning. Currently, she is married to John Legend and they have two children together.

Ashley Tisdale | Unknown

Have you seen High School Musical? If so, then you probably know who Sharpay Evans is. The credit for the role goes to none other than Ashley Tisdale. Aside from her role in the famous franchise, the star has also been in a lot of other projects. You might even remember her as Maddie Fitzpatrick on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Whatever show or film it is, the actress has probably been part of your childhood.
Ashley has been very open to her fans. The star even has a blog where she shares her stories for the world to see. At one point, she revealed that she has undergone breast enhancement surgery. Recently, due to her health, the actress shared that she had decided to remove her implants. We have to give her credit for that. We stan a strong and confident woman who knows when to prioritize their health.

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