Donatella Versace | $25,000

Donatella Versace has been the creative successor of the Versace empire since 1997, overseeing the development of the group’s premium apparel lines. She is in charge of the house’s overall vision, from its catwalk collections and image to its global expansion and digital future. Versace has grown into a luxury brand, with a range of investments that now includes fashion, shoes, home furnishings, and hotels.

Since joining the fashion industry, the Versace heiress has become a staple in the glamorous world of celebrities. As a result, she started to improve her appearance through cosmetic surgery in the late 1990s. Maybe it was because she was surrounded by the glamorous and famous or because she worked in an industry that was notoriously critical of how people looked. Whatever the reason might be, we are pretty sure spending $25,000 didn’t hurt her $850 million net worth.