Let’s admit it, we all have little things that can make or break our mood. For some people, finding things where they ought to be is enough to bring a smile to their faces. From neatly organized books, perfectly aligned road markers, to beautiful food art that might as well be displayed in a museum, we’ve got a collection of oddly satisfying photos that will make your day. Who knows? These might even inspire you to look around and clean up a bit, too. All you need is a bit of imagination and a degree of patience in order to achieve this!

1.The Neatest Stack of Mini Pancakes

Waking up to this breakfast will certainly give anyone a boost in their day. Pancakes are not always easy to stack, after all, but these ones formed such a neat tower that we’re simply in awe. From their close to perfect color, equal thickness, and fluffiness—this stack is certainly visually appealing. The only thing missing? A drizzle of maple syrup and melted butter slowly dripping down its sides. Now, that’s appetizing!

2.A Tree that Fell in a Perfectly Straight Line

Did we mention this one is floating in a swamp? With credit to Mother Nature, we’re treated to this all-natural art found in the wetlands of Louisiana. While fallen and rotting trees are not an unusual sight when it comes to this part of town, finding one that looks like it’s been arranged by human hands is a rare treat. Just look at the perfect division between the mossy part of the swamp and the clear waters just beside it. If we didn’t know any better, we would have thought this one was simply a hyper-realistic painting!

3.This Drain Cover that Looks Melted Into Place

Edited photo or the masterpiece of a genius road worker? Our next photo is one of the most satisfying things we’ve seen in a while. Whoever thought of designing this drain cover to perfectly fit the curves of the sidewalk it is on certainly deserves a raise and a bit of extra investment money, in our opinion! Who knows what else they might end up inventing? Besides, we’re sure they managed to save the city from quite a bit of trouble concerning ill-fitting drains!

4.These Very Detailed Piano Cakes

There are many great pastry chefs, who are also artists in their own right. They are capable of creating, not just scrumptious treats, but also feasts for the senses. We have seen many big installations, but can you imagine the painstaking work that went into creating these miniature baby grand pianos? It comes complete with details, including a songbook! How much would you pay for a bite? Perhaps a bit of money management is necessary to experience this luxury.

5.This Perfectly Aligned Flow of Water and Sink Drain

What’s the worst thing that can happen while washing your hands? Water spilling from the sink and ending up everywhere except for where it’s supposed to. Not all faucets are made equal, however. Just check out this stream of water that’s flowing straight down the drain. It looks so visually pleasing, that putting your hands in it almost feels like it’d be a crime. Doesn’t it make you wonder how they achieved it? What degree of design was involved or is this simply pure luck? Either way, this one’s our favorite out of the lot!

You, too, can find oddly satisfying things in your surroundings if you take a bit of time to notice even the mundane. As they say, always take time to smell the flowers—especially if those flowers have a perfectly symmetrical set of petals!