There is no doubt that KFC’s gravy is so tempting and delicious people usually line up to get a refill. Quite a good number have also thought of ways to get more gravy out of that dispenser. A few KFC patrons would even use a bowl. It is as if the delicious sauce is their soup! To many, there is a great degree of obsessions with gravies but think again. The video below of a fast-food employee revealing how the famous gravy is made will surprise you.

In a TikTok video that circulated on social media in 2020, the process of making KFC gravy was revealed, leaving fans horrified. A 52-second video uploaded by @cheddar4.7 shows someone pouring a jug of water into what is called “crackling”. Nope, these are not the crispy and fatty skin from roast pork, but the chicken pieces that have fallen into the bottom of the fryer and gotten crispy. Once the water is in, the gas is cranked up to make it boil.

What happens next is that they added a sachet of gravy spices—yes, what KFC is so secretive about. This sachet contains all the 12 spices and herbs in a secret mix. The gravy is then mixed to make it thicker in consistency.  After mixing, it is put into an oven, most likely at 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, for 18 minutes.

After the allotted time, it is taken out and then whisked to get rid of the larger pieces and put back in the oven for eight more minutes at a lower temperature. The gravy is then sieved to remove any remaining large chunks and to make the consistency thicker. Then it is poured into the store chain’s trademark red-topped pots and stored for up to six hours.

Viewers were, of course, flabbergasted, wishing they hadn’t seen the video at all. It is like seeing the actual amount of your bill on your mortgage. You know it is there, and you have to pay it, but would rather not see the actual number. They were surprised that it was scrapings and not leftover chicken that was being used as the base for gravies.

Others, however, were not so surprised. They said that those who complain do not know how gravy bases are made and that it was customary to use “crackling” because this is where the full flavor has accumulated. They cautioned it was not the right time to call lawyers to file a case for food mishandling because the video showed something acceptable. Fellow KFC workers, however, said that the crackling did look a bit dirty. They also noted that the oil should have been drained out first.

What can you say about this revelation? Is using cracklings to make your favorite gravy a go or not? Well, apparently this disgusting practice is not just done in one food chain but in others, too. This same TikTok user has made the needed time investments to upload more videos. There is the behind-the-scenes video of how mini fillets and fillet burgers are made, too.

An employee also got fired for uploading a video of him preparing the food. Wetherspoon employee J Salsa, 19, showed the social media world that their meals are largely prepared by microwave. The company’s chef said that only the meat and the eggs were freshly cooked onsite.

Well, you will be surprised at how fast-food chains prepare our food. While many of them are given credit for following health and safety standards, a significant number do not. That is why preparing the food yourself, at home and with the family is still the best way to go. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal.