Through the centuries, humans have deemed dogs as their best companions. Of all the domesticated animals, canines serve a vast array of roles: friend, helper, protector, and lifesaver. The relationship between people and dogs has been profound and incomparable.

There’s a reason why we call dogs our best friends. No matter the situation, they’re always happy to see us. We can learn countless things from our furry friends’ behavior, demeanor, personality, loyalty, resiliency, companionship, and unconditional love and care down to their very last breath.

Meet Teemo, a lab terrier mix from Taiwan that is adorable to an enormous degree. He and his owner have an exciting story. If you want to find out more about them, just read below:

1. Teemo’s famous “sad eyes”

Teemo recently went viral for his charming and irresistible “puppy eyes.” To those who have dogs, you definitely know the look, don’t you? You may see it when you’re frying bacon or when you leave for work, just like Teemo’s owner did.

Teemo is always sociable, but he hates it when his owner leaves for office. Whenever his owner goes to work and comes back, there’s the adorable lab terrier, always sitting by the front door. On one occasion, when the office guy needed to work overtime, Teemo gave him such a sad look to the degree it lasted for ten minutes. Poor Teemo!

2. Happy 5th birthday, Teemo!

As much as he knows how to express his sadness, Teemo also shows a huge smile whenever he’s happy. According to his owner, he’s a naturally happy boy. He recently celebrated his 5th birthday, and his owner spent his investment money to buy him a delightful cake. As you can see in Teemo’s photos, he was showered with balloons on his special day by his owner.

3. Teemo’s fans

In 2015, Teemo’s owner made a Facebook page for him. Well, this cute furball had to be shared with the world, even if it’s only in the form of videos and photos. At the moment, over 4,000 people are following Teemo and his adventures.

His Facebook profile says that he has a “crazy” personality, while his main interest is eating meat. Judging from his photos on the popular social media, it seems that Teemo loves playing with his toys, socializing, and posing for the camera with the most charming smile ever. His smile can absolutely gas up anyone’s day!

4. Man’s best friend

Our canine companions have proven time and again that they’re man’s best friend. They’re understanding, kind, and have an indomitable spirit. Even when we come home from a long day’s work, they don’t judge us, albeit they get sad when we leave. They also make us feel better with a playful grin and wag of their tail. No matter the situation, we are greeted with the same enthusiasm each day. They’re also not afraid to show their affection, be it kissing, licking, cuddling, begging, and rolling on the flooring to make us rub their bellies. A dog can teach us the ability to live in the present moment. We can experience a richness of living by just having them around.

5. Dogs can help give us a healthier life

You probably know dogs can help us with our insurance. What we mean by that is there are health benefits while living with a dog. According to a Time Magazine article, these health benefits include:

lower risk of cardiovascular disease
can decrease allergies and asthma in children
links to a longer life span
increase opportunities for health-beneficial socialization
reduce the adverse health effect of living alone

Take note, the study’s author clarified that these health benefits only apply if the dog is well cared for.

If you don’t have a Teemo of your own yet, we think it’s time for you to have one!