Netflix is one of the main players when it comes to subscription-based video streaming today. It plays a huge part in people’s lives, especially at this time. For $8.99, you can subscribe to the Basic plan, while it can go up to $17.99 for Premium. All the plans are, of course, payable with your debit or credit card. However, aside from the fact that it offers unique and commendable content, there are numerous things that everyone should know about this media giant.

The Unknown Origin

Netflix doesn’t have a known origin. Co-founder Reed Hastings often stitches things and gives false ideas in order to dodge media questions about the company’s origins because the real story is lengthy, intricate, and composed of blunt business jargon.

Blockbuster Video’s Biggest Hit

Blockbuster Video was an American-based video game rental service and home movie provider, which turned down the opportunity to purchase the now humongous Netflix for just $50 million. The former industry leader went to do business with Enron instead– which of course turned out to be such a huge disappointment that even the most outstanding financial advisors couldn’t save the company. Both companies are just part of history now, while Netflix has a market cap of $241 billion as of April 7, 2021. Indeed, an excruciating hit for Blockbuster Video.

Sorts everything out

If you haven’t noticed, Netflix usually suggests movies or TV shows that are similar to what you have been watching. Well, they’ve been constantly working on this thing called micro-genres, where they compile and categorize each film and show. From the show’s setting, genre, and characters (supernatural, paranormal, vampires, etc.), Netflix tracks and sorts everything in degrees, especially new content. If you’re looking for something to specific to watch, type it on the search bar. The possibility you’ll find something interesting based on your tasis high since the platform has 76,897 of these micro-genres.

Netflix knows

Aside from tracking down your love for horror and comedy, Netflix also takes notes when you stop, pause, or rewind a certain show, creating a rationale behind the actions you’ve taken. Why did viewers pause or stopped watching a specific series? Or what could be the reason why they kept on rewatching a certain film? Well, they have all the investment money to do what seems impossible. For example, if you decide to watch an Anne Hathaway film but go for something better after 15 minutes in — Netflix knows.

Not a copycat

What others do might not apply to Netflix. Originality is one of the biggest factors for a streaming platform to thrive and stay in the game. It’s no surprise that Netflix is huge today as it possesses this major attribute. While others use gimmicks and cliffhangers, writers here focus on enhancing their content to maintain their innumerable viewers. As mentioned earlier, Netflix has its ways of distinguishing things. It’s not afraid to make an investment in a project as it has its ways to determine whether a show will become a hit or not.

Netflix is aware, it just doesn’t care

Rest that evil grin you have whenever you log in from multiple devices. If you think that sharing your Netflix credentials with your friends or relatives is a secret, sorry, my friend — Netflix is fully aware of this.

“Netflix and Chill”

It’s an infamous phrase nowadays. In case you were living under a rock, this phrase has a gray connotation to it. If you heard someone utter these words, they were simply asking a certain person to come over to their place, have a nice conversation, watch something on Netflix, turn off the lights to conserve electricity, and well, you get the picture.

Best Company Goes to…

Netflix potentially has the best way to treat its subscribers and also its employees. An article on Looper stated that employees from the streaming giant can set their own work hours and the number of days off, with consideration of the company policy. They could even have more than a month off with just a nod from their manager. Netflix believes that treating its employees well, letting them make their own decisions to a certain degree, and trusting them, will translate to a more positive business flow.